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Freya was the Norwegian goddess of immortality that could grow golden apples for the gods so that they remained forever young. Today we want to be Freya, the apples are our products and the Gods are our customers.

Living longer independently at home with the unique Freya Products

Stimulating vitality

Increased vitality because of our  'active' assistive products

Ergonomic devices are essential to live longer independently at your own home

No drastic and stigmatizing solutions for our senior population!


(Pricing depends on type and number of stairs)

What is it?

- An in-between step makes the existing step half as tall and half of effort is required getting up and down your stair

- Custom made wooden in-between steps

- Minimal impact on your stair at home: they are fixed with bolt screws

The advantages:

- You need half the power as normally

- Less pain: less pressure on your joints and muscles  .

- Safe and an active way of going up a stair

- 8x cheaper than a stairlift

- Staying active is essential en slows down the aging process.

The Freya Easysteppers allows you to stay vital at your own home on your own, without needing to ask for assistance, or without having to move from the first floor to the ground level!


(250eu incl VAT)

(80eu incl VAT)

What is it?

- A universal seat support to get up easily again from your couch.

- User-friendly, easy to install and extremely light.

- The Freya Railo is placed under the cushion of the couch.

- It provides firm support to push your self up from a seated position. 

- It's also a comfortable support for your arms while reading or watching television.

- Fits on every type of couch: the height varies between 27-35 cm and the width between 50-85 cm.

The Advantages:

- The Freya Tailo provides the best support for your hands to stand up again.

- This product is the most ingenious one of its kind and the lowest priced one at the same time. 

- It helps people to safely stand up again from their beloved couch at home without assistance from someone else.

The current solutions out there are according to our customers not suited enough: too heavy, too intrusive in the living room, too expensive, not comfortable enougg, ugly design, ... The Freya Railo provides an answer to all these shortcomings.

What is it?

- A unique 2-1 standup assist walking aid

- User-friendly hinge that transforms the walker into a standup device

- Ideally for Internal use at home

- For people with issues standing up from a seated position

- This device helps them to get up independently again en move aroud more.

The Advantages:

- The Freya Lévaté creates arm supports where you need them right next to you in order to push yourself up.

- You can get up again from your chair/seat/bed or toilet on your own!

- The horizontal ski legs fit under everything, allowing to push the frame as close as you want.

- Light and firm at the same time: It weighs half of existing walkers, who lack a standup assist function.

- Easy to fold and transport in a car

- It replaces quite some products like a automated seat raiser, extra support bars in different rooms, furniture-, bed- and toilet raisers, ...

What is it?

- An innovative and comfortable belt above your clothes that automatically detects a fall from a senior person and opens two hip airbags to pretect them from breaking a hip.

- Unique in the world.

The Advantages:


- Extremly simple: Just put on the belt and when you click it together, the val detection mechanism is ON

- Provides effective protection 100% through the day (Traditional hip protectors don't)

- A big protection airbag is inflated around the hips, it absorbs the energie of the fall en prevents hip fractures.

- Reusable after a fall: you just need to replace the gas cartridge

- All types of colours available

- Washable cover

(Available from September)

What is it?

- An easy en ergonomic way to put on your socks AND to take them back off again.

The Advantages:

- Existing solutions only focus on putting your socks on. Our sock aid also provides a solution to take off your socks again.

- The person doesn't need to bend over

- Easy to use and easy to master

About us








Nicolas & David are the founders of Freya Products.

We want seniors to live longer independently and comfortbly at their own home.

We do this by designing, creating and offering innovative products who really have an added value for the less mobile seniors of today living at home.